silentech manifesto

We are boring 🥱

Silentech is boring. You know what else is boring?

  • hard work
  • dedication, patience and loyalty
  • that piece of software written 20 years ago that keeps the lights on
  • learning every day
  • asking 'how are you' and expecting an actual answer

That's us. Boring huh?

We listen 🦻🏽

  • We truly believe we can learn from every interaction, so we listen
  • You know best. That's also true when you have no idea.

Sounds good? Give us a call and experience it yourself.

And we do 💪🏽

  • 0% buzzwords
  • 100% actions

Sustainably 🍃🍂

  • We don't mine bitcoin
  • We don't travel much
  • We recycle and we compost
  • We plant trees
  • We listen to the environment around us and we do all the boring stuff that needs to be done

10 year plan

  • Improve scientific paper publishing by lowering the reproducability cost
  • Technolοgy for the climate
  • Cultivate algae on massive scale to capture CO2
  • Make organic microfarming work at (every) home
  • Find an efficient way to put out forest fires